Part Field Output power Circuit Input voltage range Output voltage Output current Dimensions

Part No. : AP110B
Electric Power Supply 9.6W Dual 70~460Vac/80~650Vac 5Vdc 1.8A 100*50*30
12Vdc 0.5A

Part No. : AP125
Electric Power Supply 48.8W Multiple 85~265vac/100~370vac 5V 4A 213.1*144.6*35
12V 0.2A
-12V 0.2A
24V 1A

Part No. : AP167
Electric Power Supply 14.6W Multiple 85-265 5Vdc 1A 138*235.5*26
12Vdc 0.1A
-12Vdc 0.1A
24Vdc 0.3A

Part No. : AP101
Electric Power Supply 0-18W Multiple 35~460Vac 9.7Vdc 0.4A 100*50*20
13.5Vdc 1.0A
9Vdc 0.1A

Part No. : AP119
Electric Power Supply 35W Multiple 90~264Vac 5Vdc 1.2A 135*82*26
12Vdc 0.2A
-12Vdc 0.2A
12Vdc 2A

Part No. : AP106
Electric Power Supply 51.3W Multiple 90~264Vac 5Vdc 7.5A 127*76*31
12Vdc 0.5A
-12Vdc 0.65A

Part No. : AP105
Electric Power Supply 5.5W Dual 85~264Vac/88~360Vac 5V 1A 90*70*20
5V 0.1A

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